Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Kate Moss x Topshop 2014

Kate Moss' latest collection for Topshop was unveiled today, and because this is the internet, and the internet is a place for judging (joking, kind of), I decided to categorise each piece as Good, Bad, or Ugly. Obviously everything is subject to personal opinion, but I feel the collection is very hit and miss. Some pieces I adore and I want RIGHT NOW (anything pajama-style), but the suede fringed jackets and boho blouses belong back on Sienna Miller or the Olsens circa 2004 or a middle-school pirate costume.

The Good

If I could own any single piece of the collection it would be the paisley palazzo pants. They fit my preferred aesthetic of anything 70s inspired or colourfully printed on a black background. I also love the interesting neckline of the black playsuit, as sheer fabrics used in different ways are very current right now, and the gold tassel dress as I love the 1920s feel and the fact it looks like something Taylor Swift would wear.
The Bad

While I don't hate these items, some of them look so dated, and others (such as the gold satin maxi dress) would probably only look good on Kate Moss herself. I think I had a camisole identical to the black, star print one a couple of years ago when stars everywhere were a thing. The paisley, midi slip dress is also so similar to one from her 2008 collection, which I would understand if Topshop were deliberately re-working and re-issuing a particularly beautiful or popular item, but to me this dress is simply a lesser version of Zara's AW13 floral slip dresses.

The Ugly

Feel free to disagree with me, but I really really hate these items. The suede shorts and jackets are so costume-like, but they'll probably be popular among the festival crowd hoping to emulate Kate Moss' Glastonbury style. I'd also love to burn the lemon yellow dress, copied from inspired by a vintage dress Moss wore in 2003. To me it looks like an ugly dress a bride would make her bridesmaids wear so they don't upstage her, but it's open to debate.
What do you think of the 2014 Kate Moss x Topshop collection? I'd love to hear your thoughts so leave your comments below!

All images via the Vogue website. The collection is available from April 30th.


  1. gosh, there are some really weird pieces in her collection. too bad. :-/

    kissboombang, lilly.
    Bonnie & Kleid

  2. The gold fringe dress is beautiful!


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